Tia Percillia – Favelaproject

Tia Percilia- Favelaproject in Rio de Janeiro

This is a project that is very dear to Colibri Resort, we often visit this school named Tia Percília, after the woman who started the school in the favela Babilonia 14 years ago.

The goal for the school is to provide children with educational / emotional / social supervision before and after their regular school so they are not tempted to run freely in the streets and be “in bad company”. A Swedish organization, The Foundation Collection street supports this project, each year is increasing interest in social engagement.

The visit is between 3-4 hours and consists of:
1) Visit up to the favela by moto-taxi (or van for those who do not want to ride moto)
2) Visiting the home where one of the children / young people show us around.
3) Walk in the favela with home visits to one of the children / young people to get a glimpse of their home environment. During the walk is shown, among others places where scenes from the movie “Tropa de Elite” were recorded.
4) Walk up to the top of the mountain with beautiful views of Copacabana / Corcovado / Sugar Loaf with the historical monuments that are there, and info about the films “Orfeu Negro” and “My Home is Copacabana.”

The money that tourists pay for the tour go to:
1) Tia Percília school.
2) The home receiving visit. We trade food and submit in person during the visit. (Rotating home visits).
3) Transportation cooperative in the favela carrying tourists up and down.

Visitors get a better insight into how a project works in practice and may see with their own eyes the children’s daily lives and can help / support the activities or individual children in several ways.