Ecotourism is the big attraction of the Amazon’s itineraries. The visitor has the opportunity to get to know, learn about, and appreciate the importance of the tropical forest and its inhabitants who are really the people responsible for its conservation.
The interaction of man with nature and the way to benefit the maximum from the rich biological diversity of the humid tropical forest is one of eco tourism’s lessons.
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During the period of high water, the months of May and June, half the islands are submerged and the animals have to take refuge on the higher ground. When the water goes down the islands reveal beaches and channels which criss-cross the region like macramé, stretching along some 90 kilometers.

Some 100 kilometers from Manaus the river Rio Negro carries the archipelago of Anavilhanas, formed of nearly 400 islands arranged as a chain. The islands hold complex and delicate Amazonian ecosystems. The region is protected by federal law, which established the Ecological Station of Anavilhanas, 350 thousand hectares in area. The flora and fauna are surprisingly rich, including the manatee, the Brazilian otter and the sloth.

Near the capital of the state of Amazonas, the rivers Negro and Solimoes join before reaching the Amazon. This union gives origin to the famous “meeting of the water”, where the dark water and the brown muddy water continue to flow parallel for some distance, approximately 100 kilometers without mixing, creating a two coloured river.

In Rio Negro the boat, like an arrow heads for a certain solitude. Searching for its end, it crosses the waters while time continuously flows out. The house is white target, tender temple of wait…Brazil poetic portraits 2002.