Activities on Ilha Grande


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Lopes Mendes

Lopes Mendes – A 3km long beach with white fine sand toward the open rough sea with its clear water. It is at the southern part of Ilha Grande and to walk there will take you about 2.5 h. You will pass by the beaches das Palmas, Mangues and Pouso on the way. You can also take a fishing boat and it takes around 40min.

Dois Rios (Two Rivers)

The setting of an old prison that was closed in 1994. A road starts at Abraao village and it takes about 2.5h to walk there. Along the road you will pass by a very nice place for a bath. Cachoeira da Feiticeira (Witch Waterfall) – The beautiful Feiticeira waterfall is 13 meters high. It can be reached in 1h 30min from Abraão.

Pico do Papagaio (Parrot Beak)

Pico do Papagaio (Parrot Beak) – The second highest mountain with its 986 m. From there you can see the beautiful landscape of Abraao, Lopes Mendes, Dois Rios and Saco do Ceu.

Cachoeira da Feiticeira (Witch Waterfall)

The beautiful Feiticeira waterfall is 13 meters high. It can be reached in 1h 30min from Abraão. The final access is on a very steep trail to the left. There is a big rock with a sign that says “Cachoeira falls”.


Boat Trips

Boat Trips – By boat you can visit places like the Blue & the Green Lagoon, bays with coloured corals, rays, turtles and sometimes dolphins and hundreds of fish. You can also go to Saco do Ceu (“bag of the sky”), a special place where you can see the stars reflected in the water on a clear night. You can also go by speedboat around the whole island, it is a fantastic tour and you will see the most of Ilha Grande.


The sea fauna is very extensive and you can see dolphins and even whales on the outside of the Island, as well as big and small rays and all kinds of coral fish. The Island is excellent for snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing.
The land fauna is very comprehensive and it’s possible to see many different kinds of monkeys, parrots, big reptiles, hummingbirds and Caymans. The island also offers lots of beautiful jungle trekkings.

Vila do Abraao

Our village, 1km long, flat sea and fine yellow sand. The village offers you a pleasant atmosphere with several bars and restaurants, all within walking distance from the resort.

Other beaches nearby :

Praia Preta – The Black beach, approx 20 minutes walk.
Abraaozinho – Small and nice beach with clear and warm waters. About 25 minutes walk through the jungle.
Praia Julia – A small nice beach with a bar, approx 10 minutes walk.